Ambitious-You have the drive to get what you want. You don’t settle for the “easy” and strive for the “worth it”. You have an inner drive that sets your sights on the top and never settle for less.

Passionate- Music and entertainment is who you are. You are passionate about it and that is why you are successful in it. You are able to take your belief in its value and share it with others. Your passion drives you and it draws others to you! Her passion is an example to me. We may not have the same passion, but the way she uses her passion to drive her business and create her happiness is admirable to me!

Authenticity- You have an authentic quality where you are true to who you are and your beliefs. You are able to listen to situations and give advice based on what you feel not on what the other person wants to hear. She is accepting of others and their differences. She accepts others as they are and can appreciate them while remaining true to herself. I can come to Danielle for advice and know that I will get a sincere, thoughtful response.