As a vocalist, I don’t think I’ve ever heard or seen you have a bad night. Your pitch, the way you nail every song, your stage presence, your hair/makeup, your punctuality, etc. You’re always on point and you always delivery a high quality product… night in and night out. If I didn’t know you and I was just a spectator in the audience, on any given night, I’d easily be able to tell that you’re a seasoned pro and that you enjoy what you do. I heard somewhere that the definition of greatness is being able to perform at a high level, over and over and over again. I truly think that describes you!

You might be one of the sweetest people I know. I rarely hear you complain about anything. I admire the way you’re able to interact with clients and audience members without blinking an eye! I know we joke about that all of the time, but that’s seriously something I wish I could do without getting so annoyed! Lol. You also definitely have a nurturing and caring personality that shines through. It shines through in the green room, on stage, and I’m sure it shines through in your personal life… as a wife, mom, teacher and business woman. And it’s not a fake ‘LA’ kindness lol… it truly seems to be a genuine kindness and concern for others. I can think of several examples right of that bat that have impacted me personally: you connected me with your sister-in-law when I needed a new iPad. You always check in about my health issues. You offered me your vocal coaching services (and I definitely still want to take you up on that!). You offered to watch Kaydin, if Kim and I ever need a vacation. I’m sure there are so many more unseen acts of kindness that you’re responsible for, too! And those examples might not seem like a huge deal, but in a world of self-absorbed people, Im so thankful for friends like you.

You’re a true professional in every since of the word. You have multiple skillsets that our band benefits from and it scares me to think of what TMU would be without you. I have such an appreciation for the work you do on the backend of the business. The e-mails, phone calls, follow-ups, bookkeeping, etc. I’m not sure if I’d have the patience to do it! I also love how committed you are to growing as a professional. I love hearing about the courses and programs you’re enrolled in, wanting to rebrand our band, wanting to further develop your vocal coaching program, and your other goals. Please don’t ever stop growing or sharing your aspirations because it encourages me to keep going as well and to not feel foolish in just settling for ‘good enough’. As spouses, parents, working professionals, we are extremely busy and it can be tempting to want to coast along and not work at getting better. But you continue to provide a great example at growing, learning and getting better! And to me, that marks a true professional!