I have worked with Danielle Tucker for 10 years, and in that time I have seen great qualities in both her personal and business life. Danielle has been in the music and entertainment business for many years and she knows it inside and out. Danielle has seen and done it all. She has booked and preformed everything from small bar venues to sell out A list entertainers, and everything in between. Danielle takes the time to listen to what her client’s ideas are and finds the right fit for them. Danielle has years of experience in the music entertainment business and understands the both the business and musical side of it top to bottom. Her great enjoyable trustworthy character makes doing business with her a pleasure. There is no one I trust more in the music business than Danielle Tucker. With all her knowledge and experience working with some of this countries world-class artist, I would recommend Danielle to book your band a gig, or plan out your special wedding entertainment. Danielle is the best!