I have had the extraordinary pleasure of working for and beside Danielle for 3 years now. I have been able to watch her baby grow up as well as watch her deal with the many struggles that face a new working mom. Danielle believes that you should give 100% to everything that you do and has done an amazing job with feeding her passions as well as looking practically at every situation. Danielle has taught me many things in just the short years that I have known her. The first being that you should never try to swallow an elephant whole – you have to take small manageable bites. She has mastered this and is constantly reminding me in everything that I do that taking one step at a time is the way to success. The next most important thing that she taught me is that you may be cluttered with so many thoughts at the moment, but looking at the big picture keeps you focused, in short she means “If there is a will, there is a way.” These may seem like trivial words of advice, but the way that Danielle goes about executing them is flawless. She takes these, and many other words of advice and pumps them into her business. She is the most organized person that I have known and is extremely diligent about the way she goes about her business. She is always quick to get back to me when I have a question and is very thorough in explaining what I need to get done so that there is no question and so that I feel confident in what I am doing. She is not only thorough, but she honestly cares about what she is doing. Everyone who knows Danielle knows that her passion is her music, followed closely by her want to serve the community of musicians around her. I would highly recommend her business, Tuckertainment, not only because of Danielle’s organization and motivation to be a hard worker but also because of the level of commitment she has to every person that she knows and works with. I consider her the most trustworthy and dependable person I know on a personal as well as professional level. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with her.