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I’m With The Band:

Do’s and Don’ts from a Lead Singer


So you’ve got an amazing voice.

It’s a voice that people would pay good money to hear. You’re determined to make a living singing. But, you hardly know anyone in the music business. How are you supposed to get out there and network in the middle of a pandemic?

You keep hearing that you need to “pay your dues” before you can make it. How does that work, and to whom exactly do you owe? Compared to other singers, it just seems like you don’t quite have your act together. You’re kind of a hot mess and are worried you might blow it if an opportunity comes. You honestly feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. You’re nervous, awkward, and intimated when you’re around other musicians. You might be realizing that it’s going to take a lot more than just a great voice to succeed at this.

This course is for

pro-minded singers

Cover Band Singers
Original Band Singers
Worship Team Singers

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Set yourself up for success.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to finally get a gig only never to get called back and be left wondering why?

It’s true when it comes to working with bands; singers get a bad rap. You hear countless stories from musicians about vocalists with “good chops” who just don’t know how to act in a group.

You don’t need to be that singer.

  • 1Get EQ’d and equipped with the essential skills you’ll need.
  • 2You can be focused, disciplined, and confident about advancing in your pursuit.
  • 3Find out what musicians are looking for in a vocalist.
  • 4Learn the professional and social habits that lead to a long, fruitful, and well-respected singing career.

I’m with the band, and I’m here to help! I’ll show you how to act right and keep the gigs coming.


Hi, I’m Danielle…

I’ve been a professional singer and vocal coach based out of San Diego, California. My main gig is with the band The Mighty Untouchables. I’m a founding member and lead singer of the group. We’ve been highly successful in our industry with a constant pipeline of well-paying, high-end gigs. And, our music and videos have been streamed and downloaded over a million times. More importantly, I’ve been in the business of singing in groups for over 25 years. Allow me to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way to make your path a little easier and less – embarrassing.

They say

“This is a must-see presentation for contemporary and crossover vocalists and teachers about band culture and etiquette, being a professional in the entertainment business, and respecting your bandmates, the audience, and yourself.”

Cynthia Vaughn,

owner Magnolia Music Studios,

Tri-Cities, WA




“Confidence building in not only myself but as an artist. Personable, always making your clients feel more like great friends that you can wholeheartedly trust with awesome vocal advice included! Wonderful advice and original tips on how to fine-tune stage presence and vocal strategy.”



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