Live Interview with Felice Hernandez

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Interview with heart-opening Karen Drucker

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Collaborating to Create a Richer Musical Experience

Meet Dawn Mitschele, a gifted Singer-Songwriter from San Diego, California, who’s been nominated twice in 2014 and 2015 for Best Singer/Songwriter at the SD Music Awards. Her band, Cardinal Moon,... Read More

How Opera Is Changing In the Post-Covid Era

Meet Alexis Alfaro, Mexican-American Tenor, singer of classical music, traditional folk songs, and contemporary jams. He’s praised worldwide for his technique, engaging stage presence, and sensitive approach to the art... Read More

Teaching Voice Lessons in a Contemporary Setting

Meet Sarah Ingraham, singer/songwriter, voice, and piano teacher from San Diego. She currently performs contemporary, Jazz, and Top 40 music throughout the San Diego and North County area, in addition... Read More