I was SO excited to have Felice Hernandez back on The Unstoppable Singer! I’ve known Felice for some time and she has even given us the immense honor of taking the stage as a speaker during this year’s Unstoppable Singer Summit. As you may know, Felice is a “chameleon” of contemporary music, ranging from r&b, rock, pop, and jazz. There’s no shortage of incredible musicians in Los Angeles, and Felice has been honored to work with many. Her background singer credits include, NEIL YOUNG, HILARY DUFF, OINGO BOINGO FORMER MEMBERS, KEVIN SPACEY, MICHAEL MCDONALD, JOSH GROBAN, ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ and PETE ESCOVEDO. Television and Film credits include PITCH PERFECT 2, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, 90210, THE LATIN GRAMMYS, AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS, MTV TRL, DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS, Disney Jr.’s ELENA OF AVALOR, MADAGASCAR A LITTLE WILD, WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit songs on Disney’s recent animated feature, ENCANTO.

Watch the full interview below or check out some of my favorite moments from the show!

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Some excerpts from the interview:

On teamwork:

So I went to Nashville, I don’t know, six years ago, seven years ago. And we went to see a group called The Time Jumpers, they play on Monday nights. It was almost like that Monday night thing that I was doing, but basically all these great session people together, and it was probably about 12 people on stage. And Vince Gill was part of the group as well. And you saw how every person on that stage knew their place. They knew what they had to bring. They knew when to shine. They knew when to hold back. They knew when to let somebody else solo and let their do their thing. Like there was never a volume issue in this place. Everybody not only played their instrument, but they all sang lead. Fantastic. Like every single one. And I’m just, I watched this whole thing going, this is so ideal to me. Like people who really, you could tell, they care about the show, they care about the other members… You could just see it and you heard it in the music. Every song they played that night, the audience was just hushed… You just respected what they were doing so much. And you knew how much care went into that. Even though it was just one night– I’m sure the next day they’re all making lots of money working on records. But that Monday night they’re just doing this show at a club and they did it beautifully and I’ll never forget that that was really something I think that people in Los Angeles could learn from.

On getting to work on Encanto:

It’s so funny how those things come because you know, you just get a phone call from someone that you know. A singer I know, that I’ve known for a really long time, Antonio. He’s done stuff with Dancing with the Stars. I think he did Coco and all these things like that, all kinds of things. He called me last summer and he says, “Hey, do your kids sing?.. It’s a Lin-Manuel Miranda thing and we need some Latino kids for the kids choir, you know?” And then he says, “Don’t worry, I’ll get you too.” … Maybe like a week or two later, he called me and says, we’re putting together the choir for Encanto. And you know, when you get these calls, you don’t know who is going to be there. You don’t really know what you’re going to sing usually or, or anything. They just said, we were gonna be on the Fox Studio lot the first day. It was two days of of work… I was the Alto, there were three Altos, three of everything– three Altos, three Sopranos, three Barones, three tenors… And with these things, you don’t know if it’s gonna be a big hit movie or not. You just, you know it’s Disney and that’s good enough for me…. And then next thing we know, you know, top 40 radio is playing “We don’t talk about Bruno.” Like they’re playing us on like Kiss FM. It was really, really cool. And that’s how these things happen. You know, it’s somebody I knew who I hadn’t talked to in years but he thought of me.


On showing up

It’s people that you know and you being front of mind for something. They know you, they like you as a person, you know. It’s important that they know you, not just because of your voice, but they actually know you on a personal level too cuz you’re gonna wanna hire people that you like. They’re gonna hire people that they like and respect and they trust, who they know is gonna be on time. You know, you’re not gonna not show up, making excuses for this or that or making demands. You just show up grateful to work.


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