Meet Draeh Jirnea, singer and songwriter from San Diego making a creative living. Being a preacher’s kid, it was only natural that her musical journey would begin in the church, where she sang her first solo at the tender age of three. By high school, Draeh was signed to Warner Brothers but moved on from the deal to protect her artistic integrity, a move that proved to be a wise choice. She got another chance to shine as a contestant on Season 3 of American Idol, making it all the way to the Hollywood group rounds.

She got a powerful jumpstart into life as a working singer when Doug Booth, one of the band members of Rockola, heard her singing behind the barista bar at Starbucks. Since then, sheโ€™s fueled the front line of top bands like Big Time Operator, Kicks, Lucky Devils, and many others. Since the lockdown started, Draeh has been focused on health and fitness as well as home-schooling her two children.

I caught up with her recently to talk about her experiences as a working singer. Here are the highlights of our conversation:

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On her decision to reject the Warner Bros contract and her take on the music

She believes it was the right decision, although she wishes sheโ€™d had more confidence to stand her ground and perform material that made her genuinely happy. Sheโ€™s happy that things turned out okay, and sheโ€™s been able to make a great living singing for several cover band groups. However, she says performing gigs hasn’t given her enough time to write her own songs or record her own music, which is her biggest
ambition. We both agreed that the music industry is very image-driven, especially in the pop genre, and youโ€™ve got to make a head start in your singing career if you want to make it as a successful recording artist.

On the effect of the pandemic

Draeh says it was devastating for her, seeing as it had taken her a while to reestablish her singing career in San Diego after being away for a while. She had a lot of gigs lined up in 2020 when the lockdown came and put an end to those plans. She says it forced her into a quiet, reflective time where she had to deal with grief issues that she had been putting aside for a while. One thing she admits the lockdown has done is it’s taught her to cherish her time on stage more, as well being with her stage mates whom she thinks of as family
members. Itโ€™s also made her better at planning her schedule, keeping time, and taking better care of herself in terms of nutrition and exercising.

On what itโ€™s been like looking after her kids while working

Draeh has always been an active singer even when she was expecting, which has sometimes put her in some awkward positions balancing between her duties as a mom and her work. Sheโ€™s managed by leaning on family and a supportive network of friends, something that has taught her to be more humble and reach out to others for help when she needs it.


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