Meet Rina Cervantes, the effortlessly soulful Latin American songstress, also known as Rain Bisou and lead singer of neo-soul/ R&B cover band, The Stonecutters. Although she’s a classically trained soprano, Rain seamlessly blends her powerful voice into almost any genre, delivering a unique neosoul flavor as chilling, refreshing, and seductive as a perfect storm. Her newest Selena Tribute group project, “Dreaming of You,” has been a huge hit. As a mother, educator, and most importantly, a creator, Rain is continuously geared towards creating a positive impact on her audience, not just by making beautiful music, but by also stirring the human spirit and elevating it to a higher plane of consciousness through higher thought professionalism.

I recently caught up with her, and we had an interesting discussion about higher thought and how it can transform an artiste’s life and prep them for greater things. Here are the highlights from our talk:

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Lessons Rain has drawn from her time in lockdown – “All of us are coming out so much more
evolved than we were before.”

The pandemic has been a humbling experience for her, but she’s always kept the faith that an
artiste’s talent and creativity is enough to see them through difficult times like this. Her never-say die attitude has paid off for her, and she’s been able to get work, most importantly a gig with her band for the outdoor concert series. Rain thinks that people will come out of quarantine with a different mind-set compared to the one they had before, and a lot of it is going to be based on faith in the unseen. “I believe this is the only way I’ve survived this,” she says about her own experience during the pandemic. Even in these times of scarcity, we shouldn’t question what we’re worth as artistes because music still has value, and people have money to spend for services; people are still hungry for music. No artiste should forget how hard they worked to get where they are, to begin with.

Leveraging on your relationships and working smarter to get your music out there – “Ask, and
you shall receive.”

Rain admits she’s been lucky to have producers willing to work with her on her music, sometimes at no cost. This has helped her navigate the otherwise highly prohibitive cost of recording and producing original music and taught her to take advantage of the resources she has at her disposal. She also believes that combining entrepreneurship and artistic creativity empowers an artiste more. “If we can be creative about music, we’re going to find a way to survive and thrive from this,” she says of the pandemic, adding that she’s learned to work smarter and not just harder in an effort to manage her career better and save money.

How to achieve higher thought professionalism – “Small minds discuss people, medium minds
discuss events, and great minds discuss ideas.”

To reach that high-level thinking, people should talk about ideas instead of trashing other people
because, in the process, you will develop relationships that are going to serve your higher purpose. Rain attributes her ability to get artistic work during this difficult time to hard work, positivity, and staying focused on who you want to be. Now more than ever, especially due to the pandemic, we’re in need of a higher level of connection with each other. We need to use our energy positively and channel it towards achieving greater things. When you become the person you want to see out there in the world and walk the talk, you inspire other people to want to become like you.

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