Meet Singer/guitarist, Lorraine Theresa, from San Diego. She’s all about blues, jazz, soul, R&B, and Latin-influenced music – most of the time. Currently, she’s revisiting her classical guitar passion and working on a new album with members of her trio – the Besos de Coco. The album features some original tracks as well as some standard covers. Lorraine’s singing career path began when she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music as well as a Music Teaching Credential from San Diego State University. She’s also studied under the tutelage of Fred Benedetti.

In Episode 21 of the Pandemic-Proof Singer Series we caught up on what it’s like to rebuild our careers amidst a world-wide crisis. Here are the main themes we covered.

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On Charles McPherson Jazz Dance Suites…

Lorraine Theresa just finished working with Jazz Maestro and saxophonist, Charles McPherson on his latest project Charles McPherson’s Jazz Dance Suites.  It’s a dance choreography performed live on stage to McPherson’s originally written music. Lorraine features on vocals in a couple of songs and also played guitar during the studio recordings at the famous Van Gelder Studio in New York. “It was quite an experience, and I was very honored to be a part of this project,” she says.

On Settling into the new routine during the pandemic…

Lorraine admits she’d stopped playing for a while when the pandemic hit. After trying her hand at content marketing in Hollywood, she changed her mind and moved back to San Diego because she didn’t like the experience. She says she’s started playing guitar again and has resumed giving private lessons to her students.

She’s also considering going into construction, more in the project management and administrative side of things, and will double that with teaching, song writing and playing to keep her singing career path on track.

On musicians and accompanying themselves…

Lorraine doesn’t like to sing and play guitar at the same time because she feels it doesn’t give her the freedom to execute the song the way she would want to. She prefers being accompanied when singing.

We both agreed that musicians sound different vocally when they accompany themselves compared to when someone else is playing the accompanying instrument.

On encouraging upcoming musicians during this awkward time…

Lorraine encourages upcoming artistes to stick to the tried and tested methods in their singing career paths. She encourages them to be keen listeners of music and mastering at least one instrument.

She’s a strong believer in the power of transcribing music to understand different styles musicians use like vibrato as a way of developing your music proficiency. She says, “These become the colors you learn how to use before going off to paint your own painting.”

We both agree that artistes should take advantage of their lockdown time to focus more on working on the craft of music, away from the grind and hassle of performing gigs and networking.

Surrounding yourself with other musicians with whom you can share individual experiences is also important to get through this difficult time.

On Getting past the technology barrier to put out music…

Lorraine admits to getting frustrated at time when trying to use new technology to record and stream music. However, she agrees that it’s important for artistes to learn to utilize new technology like live streaming to practice and put their music out there.


Your Next Step

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