As musicians, we’re all out of sorts right now. Most of us are in a flurry trying to figure out our next move and figure out how to keep earning a living during the quarantine. Others are a bit benumbed. Both seem like pretty reasonable responses to a pandemic. What can we do if we can’t go out and gig right now? Why were singer-songwriters given this ability to create art and make music in the first place? If we stop and sit still for a moment, maybe we can hear what life is trying to tell us.


It’s about more than ourselves. If we ask the people who love our music what they want from us, what do you think they’d say? For such a time as this, isn’t the work produced meant to heal, restore, energize, and enlighten? Are we meant to inspire, comfort, empathize, and provoke? As Singer-songwriters, we must take care of their essential needs to pay bills and feed families, and I think there is also a responsibility elsewhere. When I look around, I see a world in need of a global force that can rise above all conditions. I believe the music that we make is one of these superpowers.


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In Episode 14 of the Pandemic-Proof Singer Series, I had the honor of chatting with Eve Selis. She is a beloved singer-songwriter, author, survivor, and humanitarian. She most recently released her 9th studio album, See Me With Your Heart, produced by GRAMMY-award winning producer Kenny Greenberg. Since the ’90s, she’s been a staple in the San Diego music scene. She’s won 8 San Diego Music Awards and has been nominated 15 times. In 2019 she was inducted into the San Diego Music Hall Of Fame. Eve has experienced many perks of success, like sharing stages with huge artists like Crosby, Stills & Nash, Heart, and The Doobie Brothers. She’s earned a great living and has grown an adoring and loyal fanbase.


All along this journey, she’s been a working mother and wife balancing an epic music career with family, raising four beautiful kids. She’s also endured more than her fair share of hardship, tragedy, and loss. She says all these things have made and perpetuated the music that started it all. She explained that time, love, and spiritual care have helped her embrace the two-way healing power of music. As a singer-songwriter, Eve discovered her truest calling when she shifted the focus of her music being about her to being about what she could give others. She advises all other singer-songwriters to stop trying so hard to get people to like you and instead provide them with the opportunity to feel something. When you watch an Eve Selis concert, you will quickly see this is exactly what she delivers.


So, back the question of what do people want from singer-songwriters right now? We’re bruised and hurt and wrestling as a human race. We need relief, songs that make us feel heard and seen, and messages that help us rebuild a better life. How refreshing it would be to scroll past all the noise and land on a livestream of a singer-songwriter simply doing what they do best or to see a YouTube video that hits the spot and changes the course of their day. We want a Spotify playlist as the uplifting soundtrack of their day. We want you. Singer-songwriter, your songs help people heal, and we need a cure.

Your Next Step

Decide one action to take this week to share your music with the world. Livestream, YouTube Video, Tik Tok? Whatever your best at. Schedule it and make it happen. We’re in a new day and age that will challenge us to be innovative and use all of our experience and know-how to be successful at what we do. If you know you’ve got what it takes but don’t know where to start, I’d love to help. In my vocal coaching practice, we work on both your strategy and your craft. Contact me here if you’d like to work with me.

My most immediate piece of advice is to begin building your at-home vocal recording studio. If you want to work-from-home as a singer, record your songs, make YouTube, Instagram or TikTok videos, you’ll need to learn to do this.

home singing studioStart simple with what you have and build from there.ย  If you need help, Iโ€™ve created a free video for you that’ll make this super simple to get started.

Your opportunity is coming. Be ready for it. Pandemic-proof your singing career.



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