2020 was staged to be the breakthrough year of Lauren Leigh‘s singing career. She’d just finished the production of her debut 5-song EP entitled “Flare”. The project had been properly hyped and expectations were high for its delivery. The release party was planned and the tour was booked.


Who’s there?


COVID who?

Covid-19. I’m here to knock the wind out of your sails and pull the rug out from under you! 🦠

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In episode 10 of the Pandemic-Proof Singer Series, you’ll meet Lauren Leigh, singer, songwriter, bandleader, and hired gun based in San Diego, CA. The last couple of years have held many firsts for this power-house vocalist. The first full-time working singer schedule fronting bands like Lauren Leigh and the Low Keys, Wild Heart, Analog Project, High Tide Society, and Mud Slide Slim. Her first professional tour with Pink Froyd opening for Foreigner, buses and all. Debut album release.

And as it goes, life turns on a dime and we learn to pivot. Fortunately for Lauren, she was well-equipped to handle the change of plans. None-the-less disappointing, but she’d been establishing herself as a professional and gaining loads of experience and maturity for years. To begin with, she had the good fortune of being raised up in a family full of world-class musicians. She traveled with them, studied them, and soaked in the lessons of those before her. She boldly stepped into major gigs early on and courageously made a way for herself.

I asked Lauren what she would do if she had to start all over from scratch in the midst of a global crisis. She shared these wisdom-bombs for singers stepping into the profession in an awkward space and time.

Starting a Singing Career in the Middle of a Pandemic:

  1. It’s ok to sit with the emotions brought on by this situation. Sometimes you’ll feel like being highly productive and sometimes you won’t want to do a thing. And, that’s ok.
  2. It’s wise to be involved with a couple paying gigs that are pandemic-proof instead of investing everything in one project.
  3. You need a tribe. Surround yourself with musicians you love. Make a family bond with them. You’re going to need them, especially when you’re in trauma mode – breakups, surgeries, pandemics, social uprisings, and deaths of loved ones.
  4. Network. Research and add people on Facebook. Join Facebook groups. Ask questions and start conversations with pros.
  5. It’s okay to get help from who you know. When your connections believe in you, they’ll want to promote you. Use every advantage available to you.
  6. Don’t be a douche. Be a helpful person. Think about your bandmates and the people you’re working for.
  7. Work on your technique and grow as a singer. You’ll need to protect your voice. See a vocal coach.
  8. Your value as a singer is equal to your level of musicianship. Get your education. Learn theory and how to read music.
  9. Learn to play piano and/or guitar.
  10. Ask for what you want. If you don’t ask, it’s a definite no.

Your Next Step

Yes, these are complicated times. No, it is not impossible to pursue your singing career and succeed right now. We’re in a new day and age that will challenge us to be innovative. If you know you’ve got what it takes but don’t know where to start, I’d love to help. In my vocal coaching practice, we work on both your strategy and your craft. Contact me here if you’d like to work with me.

My most immediate piece of advice is to begin building your at-home vocal recording studio. If you want to work-from-home as a singer, record your songs, make YouTube, Instagram or TikTok videos, you’ll need to learn to do this.

home singing studioStart simple with what you have and build from there.  If you need help, I’ve created a free video for you that’ll make this super simple to get started.

Your opportunity is coming. Be ready for it. Pandemic-proof your singing career.



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