Meet Vangie Gunn, session singer, singer-songwriter, performer, voice-over artist, voice teacher, and so much more! She is as professional as professional gets in the music business. She’s had an enormous career including being a featured vocalist on Jimmy Kimmel, Disney, CBS, Fox shows like American Dad and Family Guy, A Bug’s Life, Happy Feet, Evan Almighty, Bruce Almighty, Despicable Me, Star Wars Rogue One, Spiderman Homecoming, with Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapelton, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. Those are just a few highlights. How does a singer accomplish so much and build such an impressive resume? We’ll learn the vocal training habits of a top performer in Episode 8 of the Pandemic-Proof Singer Series.


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A day in the life of Vangie Gunn looks like 12-14 hours of shooting from one high profile gig to the next while battling LA traffic. Some days you’ll find her at Disneyland where she’s a Magic Music Days Vocal Consultant, training hundreds of young singers the highest level of performance and showbiz, Disney style. The next day she can be found rehearsing for a tour with Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band. Other days she’s at places like Capital Records recording background vocals for a major artist. This is a life that Vangie proclaims she was cut out for. It didn’t happen by chance though. She shares the education, professional, lifestyle, and vocal training path she forged to become a top performer.

Vocal Training Habits of a Top Performer:

Education, Musicianship & Voice

  1. Get a college education. Vangie studied at UCLA and Azusa Pacific University. She earned her Master’s from Berklee.
  2. Learn to sight-read music. Become proficient.
  3. Write music.
  4. Learn and practice the piano.
  5. Do at least 8-10 minutes of vocal warm-ups and exercises every day.
  6. Don’t drink coffee before you sing.
  7. Drink tons of water.
  8. Don’t consume peppermint or menthol before singing. It will dehydrate and numb your vocal cords.
  9. Pay attention to your speaking voice. Practice good vocal technique when speaking throughout the day. Don’t speak too loud or yell.

Health & Wellness

  1. Recognize when you’re doing too much. Slow down to reduce stress and tension. Laryngeal tension can be a killer.
  2. Know that your value as a person is not based on your busy-ness.
  3. Try laryngeal massage. See a specialist like Michelle Gordin or Crystal Barron.
  4. Get plenty of exercise.
  5. Eat a clean diet and take vitamins.
  6. Practice gratitude every day.
  7. Have a devotional or meditation time.
  8. Prioritize self-care. Allow yourself to kick back with some Netflix and a glass of wine when you need to.
  9. Get into nature by taking walks, runs, and hikes.
  10. Do everything in moderation. Don’t go overboard with alcohol and junk.
  11. Don’t do drugs.
  12. If you are concerned you may have vocal damage, see an ENT like Reena Gupta.

Business & Career

  1. Build a network.
  2. Hustle for gigs constantly.
  3. Do not take no for an answer. Never let anything stop you. Go all the way!
  4. Respond quickly to work correspondence.
  5. Work on your mindset.
  6. Build a structured, disciplined life.
  7. Talk about goals and think about the long term to grow.
  8. Advance your knowledge of technology and get a home recording set up.
  9. Have a platform like Soundcloud to keep your vocal samples on.
  10. Post high-quality work on social media. Don’t haphazardly share work that’s not a good representation of you.

Your Next Step

Advancing. Achieving. Earning a high income. All of that is possible when you become a top performer. Top performers extensively. Again and again, it comes down to the same habits, drives, and attitudes. Begin implementing these vocal training habits into your routine. Without a doubt, you will begin to see positive results in your singing career.

We’re in a new day and age that will challenge us to be innovative and use all of our experience and know-how to be successful at what we do. If you know you’ve got what it takes but don’t know where to start, I’d love to help. In my vocal coaching practice, we work on both your strategy and your craft. Contact me here if you’d like to work with me.

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home singing studioStart simple with what you have and build from there.  If you need help, I’ve created a free video for you that’ll make this super simple to get started.

Your opportunity is coming. Be ready for it. Pandemic-proof your singing career.



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