If you’re a singer, chances are you feel the world’s problems deeply. This is common for creative beings. From March until today, you’ve likely faced an unprecedented amount of stress. The pandemic and political environment bring a barrage of daily anxieties, rising death tolls, increasing unemployment numbers, and physical isolation — on top of intense feelings of frustration and anger. These times are uncertain, and it’s tough to see beyond all the challenges we’re faced with right now. To put it simply — you just aren’t feeling great. Please know you’re not alone. If you can relate to any of the 11 signs below, vocal lessons might help.

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In Episode 4 of the Pandemic-Proof Singer Series, I talked with my friend Carissa Lynn Renner of The Bold Vocal. As a vocal coach, her lifetime goal is to transform our planet, one singer at a time. She’s been a pro singer for two decades and believes that the regular habit of singing is an act of self-love. It creates a happier, more confident, and more fully self-expressed you.

I wholeheartedly agree with her. ❤️ Everyone probably agrees that music can help people forget about their harsh realities for a while. The act of singing kind of makes you feel like you’re doing something with meaning and purpose. Nearly all vocal instructors also agree that singing improves our physical wellness also. In our chat, we touched on these signs below that could indicate your need for some vocal work (especially in this dumpster 🔥 of a year!)

Here are 11 signs you might need vocal lessons in 2020.

1️⃣ You’re having trouble thinking, planning, and getting things done.

It could be related to stress. In many cases, when emotions become overblown, parts of the brain in charge of executive function tend to not communicate as well with the emotional parts of the brain — the limbic system is overriding the executive functioning circuit.

Singing lowers stress levels and is relaxing. It releases muscle tension and decreases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in your bloodstream. Improved circulation allows more oxygen to reach the brain. This improves mental alertness, concentration, and memory.

2️⃣ You’re always thinking ahead and worried about the future, or worried about something terrible that happened in the past.

Singing can help reduce anxiety because it improves your mood, and you are also able to creatively express your emotions through sound, lyrics, and movement.

3️⃣ Your body is feeling wrecked and sluggish from a lack of movement and exercise.

Voice work heightens the way you’re taking care of and treating yourself. Vocal lessons can be exceptional exercise for your body. Work out your lungs by utilizing proper singing techniques. In addition to this, it’ll stimulate overall circulation and strengthen your core. You might even sleep longer and deeper since your palate and throat muscles can become stronger. You’ll also improve your posture. Singing also boosts the immune system. Proteins in the immune system that function as antibodies, known as Immunoglobulin A, have scientifically been shown to be significantly higher immediately after singing.

4️⃣ You’re feeling down and judgemental towards yourself. It’s making you feel awkward when you do have a rare human interaction.

As your voice improves, so does your self-confidence. A vocal coach will help you feel comfortable in your skin. They’ll guide you through getting used to hearing yourself on a recording and seeing yourself on video. Getting out of your comfort zone is a healthy way to gain new knowledge and personally grow. With the right experience comes the self-confidence you need to improve your life. Get along with others better in social settings and be braver. It will help to free yourself from the confines of your negative self-talk. Voice lessons will help you feel seen, heard, and will help you discover why you stand out in a crowd. Find out why someone would want to listen to you. You’ll also learn how to handle the pain of rejection when it happens.

5️⃣ You’re feeling down in the dumps and depressed. 😞

Singing does a lot of good for the body and soul. You will notice that singing improves your mood. Ever seen how singing at the top of your lungs or in a soft voice while you’re working or in the shower can be profoundly uplifting. Singing releases endorphins, which are a feel-good brain chemical that sets off positive feelings in your body. Anytime you’re feeling depressed or experiencing other mental health issues, you might benefit from singing. Everyone needs a positive outlet to escape their problems.

6️⃣ You’re utterly frustrated that no one can seem to get along or agree on anything. People can’t seem to communicate with one another to make things better.

Singing is communicating. Vocal training focuses on building a better connection with your audience. Think about what draws you to your favorite singers. It may partly be their voice, but something in their performances reaches you at the soul level. Voice lessons can help you express yourself much better. If you enjoy writing your lyrics, honing this talent can improve your ability to communicate in different ways! It will help you understand others better, and they will, in turn, get you better. This type of connection starts a chain reaction.

7️⃣ Because schools will be distance learning in the Fall, you’re sad that your kids won’t get to experience the enrichment of electives or extra-curricular activities.

Voice teachers are ready and well-equipped to provide sessions online. The technology is performing amazingly well and is as beneficial as in-person sessions. Plus, it’ll save you a lot of shuttling around.

8️⃣ You’re feeling helpless to change anything or make a difference in the world.

Nothing grabs people’s attention, like singing. Singing is intentional. It’s doing. It’s a contribution to the greater good. Carissa says, “we can’t heal systematic oppression without first healing what’s here” (points to her heart). Don’t allow yourself to come out of this unchanged for the better. That’s the best thing you can offer the world right now. Voice work is empowering. We need art more now than ever. We need your voice. Do you feel called? You must follow that. Taking vocal lessons is a fantastic gift to give yourself. When you take care of your needs, only then can you take care of others.

9️⃣ You’ve always wanted to work on your voice but haven’t had the time.

When will you ever have more time than you do now?

🔟 Life feels too disrupted and chaotic right now to focus on anything or try something new.

Voice work takes discipline and structure. Implementing these things will help alleviate the white noise of now and help bring life into an order you can thrive in. You’ll set goals and get clear on your purpose.

👉11. It seems impractical right now. Plus, why would I work on singing if I won’t be able to perform?

Singers need to develop strong business acumen and learn how to sell and market. A good vocal coach will work on these skills. This capital will carry over into all other areas of our life. There’s a substantial technical component associated with singing. A vocal teacher will guide you through music equipment, recording technology, and how to do other amazing things like livestreaming or making YouTube and Instagram videos.

Your Next Step

🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if any of these signs sound familiar? We’re rather fortunate to be in an age of technology where you can work with any voice instructor you choose across the globe. 🌎 The perfect voice professional is out there and available for you. Instructors are not one-size-fits-all. Ask for referrals, and do some research online. I’m happy to offer recommendations as well.

If you know you’ve got what it takes but don’t know where to start, I’d love to help. In my vocal coaching practice, we work on both your strategy and your craft. Contact me here if you’d like to work with me.

My most immediate piece of advice is to begin building your at-home vocal recording studio. If you want to work-from-home as a singer, record your songs, make YouTube, Instagram or Tik Tok videos, you’ll need to learn to do this.

home singing studioStart simple with what you have and build from there.  If you need help, I’ve created a free video for you that’ll make this super simple to get started.

Your opportunity is coming. Be ready for it. Pandemic-proof your singing career.



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