Dear amazing singing community,

It’s been almost eight weeks you’ve been in SIP, and now we’re at the point where we can begin to consider opening again, due to the relaxation of certain restrictions in our area.

The state of California is allowing certain businesses to reopen, with restrictions, starting May 8. The County of San Diego is requiring businesses to complete the Safe Reopening Plan, print, and post it at their entrance. Changes announced to go into effect May 9 for camping, recreational equipment rentals (bikes, kayaks, etc.) and childcare facilities. Everyone is required to stay home except for essential needs, to go to an essential job, or to go out for exercise. And, if you go out, keep at least six feet away from others and wear a face covering.

Which means you’re probably wondering when we can get back to in-person sessions and performing! I urge you to read this email thoroughly, as it contains some vital information for us all.

At this time, we will remain online. Why? Well, I am glad you asked!

Over the last few months, we’ve learned more and more about the ways that COVID-19 behaves in the world – how it spreads, what conditions help slow spread, in which conditions exasperate spread.

We now know from the newest data and research that one way COVID-19 spreads is by aerosols. Aerosols are the droplets of wet stuff that come out of our noses and mouths when we use our breath. Gross, I know, but important to understand.

We know that these tiny virus droplets hang out a long time in the air (sometimes up to two hours!). And that they are small enough to get deep into the lungs – from up to 16 feet away!

These aerosols are “boosted” from things like sneezing, talking, projecting our voices (like acting), breathing heavily, and singing.

We also know that things like being outdoors with the wind to our backs, lots of targeted UV rays, aggressive sanitation, distances of 16 feet or more, and lot’s of time between students may be effective ways to address those rascally droplets and reduced virus spread.

I’m actively looking into ways to be equipped with UV, HEPA filters, sanitation, scheduling difference, and more so that I am compliant with mandates. Yet, I’m not quite at the place where I’m ready to implement these measures with the integrity my studio is known for.

And This is why we will remain online for now!

I’m taking great care in researching what options are available to us as restrictions and mandates change. I am reviewing the science weekly.

I’m excited to continue to serve you in new and effective ways as we grow in our skills. I’ve learned so much about online teaching! Together, we will create art, life, and music as we strive for health for all and the pursuit of excellence in our performing.

If you’re interested in learning more, let me know, and I can point you towards some easy to read info on what we know.

For now, I’ll see you online, where we will continue our pursuit of singing well.

You’re doing great, and I’m so proud of us all for doing our best in this truly remarkable season.

With love,

Danielle Tucker