Singing Lessons Guidelines

Singing Lessons with Danielle Tucker


My instruction style is a combination of teaching voice and vocal coaching. What’s the difference?

Teaching Voice –
Helps singers to improve the technical usage of their voices. Learn how the voice works and be able to sing healthily and with greater balance and ease. Focus on proper breathing, resonance space and reducing vocal tension.

Vocal Coaching –
Help singers with matters of musical style and performance practice and tradition. Assist with such issues as pronunciation, vocal phrasing, performance practice, as well as helping the singer to ‘own’ the song. Guidance on such musical things as riffs, cadenzas, breath placement in phrases, additional repertoire suggestions, and other interpretive ideas. Guidance on career development.

Sample hour-long session:

Mind, body and vocal stretch/meditation
Technical session
Vocal exercises
Performance piece, technical and performance work
Pro tip-of-the-week
Practice assignment

Session Content:

Music is a language–and like any language, there are many basics which must be mastered before advancing to more complex applications.

Please bear in mind that no two singers are exactly alike, and children (as well as adults) learn at different rates of speed. Even brothers and sisters within families differ radically in motivation and temperament. Therefore, I approach singers as individuals and attempt to challenge each according to their unique potential.


One-time $10 registration fee

30-minute private session $30/week
60-minute private session $60/week
60-minute group session $15/week
(max 8 singers per group)

Sessions are billed monthly by adding up the number of sessions that will occur during the month in question, taking into account any holidays where my studio would be closed. (e.g., a singer who receives four 60-minute sessions will be billed $240.)

Paying me:

Cash, check or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) via automatic payment plan

The full month’s tuition is due on the 1st of each month.

All tuition/charges statements are always available via our online singer portal service. All families have the ability to create a username and password to view financial statements, enroll in classes, make payments, etc. To do this, please visit Login information was emailed to you at the time of registration. Please contact me if you need a password reset.

Here’s what you can expect from me…

I promise to treat singers and families with care and respect.
I will always give you my best when it comes to instruction.
I will always return your call or email in a timely and professional manner.
I will always treat your children as my own.
I will always be on time.
I will always listen when you have a concern, and try our best to solve the problem.
I will always own up to my mistakes. (On the rare occasion that I am human…)
I will always be there for any singer for any reason.

Here are a few ways you can help… All I ask is that you return the favor in your own way!

Be on time to all scheduled sessions, classes, practices, camps, and performances.
Do your best to schedule appointments, keeping in mind your singer’s classes, practices, and performances.
Let me know if you see a way I can improve my services. I want to be my best! If I see a way to make it happen, it will.

Session Arrivals and Departures:

When driving down my road, please keep in mind that it is a rural community with kids and animals everywhere. Do not exceed 15 mph on my road or driveway. Your scheduled session will start promptly at the scheduled time – with or without you.  If your session is held at my home studio please wait at the front door until your scheduled time before entering.  I want to protect my personal time and privacy as well as a courtesy to the singer in session before you.  If your session is via Skype I’ll be dialing you at our scheduled time.  We must promptly disconnect at the end of your scheduled time in order for the next singer’s session to begin on time.

What to bring with you:


Note-taking apparatus (Phone, iPad, tablet, pen, and paper – whatever works best for you)

Damage to my stuff or property:

If a member of your family damages our property or equipment, out of respect for what I am trying to do, please offer to make it right. We are friends here!


There is very little risk involved with singing; however, I know that people have accidents and bad things can happen. Please understand that I work hard to plan all of our sessions so that everyone is as safe as possible. In the event something bad happens, I will be there to provide support to the best of our ability.


Cancellations By Me –

If I cancel for any reason, I will make it up. If I can’t, it will be credited back to you!
By default, I am closed on most “bank holidays”, such as Christmas, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc. (unless otherwise stated by the online class calendar). I will typically have classes/sessions on Monday holidays like MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, etc.

Cancellations By Singer/Parent –

I do not make up a session missed by the singer for any reason if they do not show up for their session or do not reschedule within 48 hours of their session.

Cancellation of Sessions –

I’m sorry to see you go! Give word to your instructor. Prepaid tuition is non-refundable.

Electronic Communications Policy:

I will always communicate important items, like cancellations, scheduling, closings, via email.

Child Protection Policy:

In order to create a safe learning environment for all children, I am committed to putting these measures in place:

During a private music session with a singer under the age of 18 years, I instruct in a large open area room which can be accessed from our main hallway.

Parents are always welcome to stay in a waiting area within earshot of a private session. If they find it necessary, a parent is welcome to check in without disturbing the session.

In situations where a group class (two or more singers) is being taught, there will always be at least one adult in charge.