02 Mar Just Let Go

  [embed]https://youtu.be/hTyc1Vl_fo8[/embed] Just Let Go By Pablo Manavello/Kurt Howell/David Huff Lying beside you late last night I watched as you were struggling, something just wasn’t right You were tossing back and forth, like a ship on a wayward sea Drowning in the sorrow, I pray isn’t me If words will give you comfort,...

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01 Mar Every Woman

  [embed]https://youtu.be/wRrhVhnFI9E[/embed] Every Woman By Kurt Howell/Kim McLean Friday night, mini skirt Saturday, ball cap and a t-shirt Monday morning dressed for work I’m every woman In charge and out of control Class act with a tender soul Hold me tight and let me go I’m every woman Tattoo and diamond right Little devil with angel wings I’m your...

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