Profoundly Better

31 Mar Profoundly Better

Do you believe you are capable of really changing? I’d been doubting my ability after trying and failing countless times to get my life in order after the birth of my children. While listening to a podcast interview, I learned about a book called The 30-Day Sobriety Solution: How to Cut Back or Quit Drinking in the Privacy of Your Own Home by Jack Canfield and Dave Andrews. I was in no way seeking out ways to “get sober” that morning but something in this interview really pulled me in. The description of how the “do-it-from-home rehab” would leverage the best techniques of the human potential like, neurolinguistic programming, life-purpose exercises, goal setting, meditation, guided visualization, affirmations, and journaling really appealed to me. It got me thinking that maybe facing my problem drinking habits could uncover the root of so many other vices that have been keeping me down. Exactly 31 days later, after writing my blog post Getting Sober or Just Cutting Back?, I’m more than confident in my ability to change for the better. I could not be more grateful that I listened to my gut about getting this book.

I feel profoundly better after following each daily chapter which introduced a new solution for achieving a “thriving in sobriety” mentality. It was so relatable and easy to follow. Each chapter detailed out the theory behind the suggested solution, gave personal testimony examples and assigned a set of tasks to complete as a follow up. I found it to be so inspiring that I was eager to wake up each morning and complete a chapter first thing. Jack and Dave do an excellent job keeping the content honest and loaded with value bombs. There was no fluff. It was purely honest to goodness advice that works for anyone who feels that alcohol has become a problem. Each solution builds on top of the previous until you have a full suit of armor to ride in to sobriety with.

I completely committed to this process during a 30 day period and routinely followed one chapter a day and completed each and every assigned task as prescribed. In the writing assignments I pushed myself to really open up and think about what had been happening in my life and what I want. I made countless discoveries and truly feel this has given me breakthrough results. I abstained from alcohol (and soda which was a problem for me) for 30 days straight and have decided to continue abstaining indefinitely. I plan to restart the program tomorrow and apply the techniques and principals to my nutrition and fitness problems. The root cause is the same and that is so evident and obvious to me now. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced this sense of accomplishment and trust for myself. I’m proud and know I can build on what I learned this month for even bigger future successes.

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